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Pancake races at Highbank

posted 4 Mar 2016, 02:38 by A Croft   [ updated 4 Mar 2016, 02:41 ]

We had great fun as usual with our annual Pancake races event. Click here for more photos.

And Click here to see the Great pancake Cook-Off


posted 29 Dec 2015, 03:30 by Highbank Primary School   [ updated 29 Dec 2015, 03:31 by A Croft ]

We had a great time at our Story night. Thank you to everyone who came. Pictures are HERE

Children In Need day 2015

posted 23 Nov 2015, 07:29 by Highbank Primary School   [ updated 23 Nov 2015, 07:41 by A Croft ]

Have you seen the photos from our amazing Children in Need day.? Please click here

Dancing at Highbank

posted 29 Jun 2015, 13:10 by A Croft   [ updated 29 Jun 2015, 13:11 ]

Have you seen our Super Cool dancing? Click here

Childrens work

posted 28 Jun 2015, 14:07 by A Croft   [ updated 28 Jun 2015, 14:12 ]

Please check out our School photograph Gallery by clicking here. 

Also go to Our Super work page to see examples of our children's work!  Click here

Nottingham school to pay for uniform for 300 pupils

posted 26 May 2015, 01:55 by Giles Civil   [ updated 26 May 2015, 02:00 by A Croft ]

By Nottingham Post
  |  Posted: May 20, 2015
 Please see the news Report in The Nottingham Post website by clicking here

Children in Need Event

posted 22 May 2015, 15:28 by A Croft   [ updated 22 May 2015, 15:39 ]

I hope you enjoy this video. It was a great day at Highbank Primary. 
Look out for more videos coming to our website!
 Your turn Mr Civil!


posted 24 Nov 2014, 12:02 by A Croft   [ updated 24 Nov 2014, 12:02 ]

We’ve noticed some of our older children flagging before lunch so we’re providing a mid-morning snack for everyone.

Our Super Football Team

posted 24 Nov 2014, 11:58 by A Croft   [ updated 25 Nov 2014, 10:38 ]

The school football team have been 
unstoppable recently beating Whitegate 5-0, getting through to the finals of a tournament where they played 6 matches; won 5 and drew 1. Good luck to them in the final next week. Last night they played Dovecote and won.
 This team could go all the way to league champions!

Memorial Garden Sundial

posted 24 Nov 2014, 11:51 by A Croft   [ updated 24 Nov 2014, 11:51 ]

Next week we are delighted to inform you 
that a special HELIOCHRONOMETER will be fitted in the Memorial Garden. This is a very special sun dial. There are only a few in the country. It can tell the time by the hour and minute!!

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